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Day #9 How do you juggle your Kickstarter comic campaign while still handlin everyday life AND diet?

Gotta keep your head up like Tupac use to say! Just came off a great interview with Big Herm on his You Tube channel. It was awesome! We were talking Battlestar Galactica and of course I was promoting my stuff! Got some pledges during the interview which is always a good thing so I feel good! Click play on the video below to check it out!

My overall day was good! I feel like I'm back in the saddle a little bit after experiencing a bit of the dead zone a few days ago. Gotta keep grinding and putting my product in people's faces and letting everyone know as much as possible about TTOT. The magic doesn't happen by itself! My son had basketball today and of course I had to get back to work after being off yesterday so trying to juggle work, getting the kids from the bus stop, helping out with homework, cooking dinner for the family then heading off to practice it didn't leave a lot of time for me to focus a lot on my Kickstarter today. Good thing I had the interview to keep the evening momentum going so while juggling life's daily activities can be stressful it can still be fruitful when you look back and see how much you accomplished during the day. I'm definitely blessed and grateful!

So as far as my diet today when I took my first break I ate some oatmeal which was great! For lunch I had some left over haddock fish from yesterday and a salad and then for dinner a turkey burger with no bun and some veggie tots. After basketball practice I ate some low carb Parme Crisps as a snack and that was that! I'll get back on the treadmill tomorrow since I didn't have time today but all of this does keep me focused on my Kickstarter so all in all so far so good!

If you made it this far into my blog post for the day thank you for reading! You can support me by pledging to my Kickstarter comic The Theme of Thieves and clicking on the pic below! See you tomorrow!



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