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Stories From A World of Evanescence


What is evanescence? In this world it is the instance someone disappears.  No rhyme.  No reason.  They just vanish.  The phenomenon has been happening for almost 200 years as far as records can tell.  For as long as it's been happening no one has quite figured out HOW it happens yet.  Organizations have formed to research it, religious cults have turned up to justify it, and political factions have come to debunk it as conspiracy.  It has been so rare that many are not sure whether to believe if it is true.  That is until recently.   Now more disappearances have been frequently happening at random which is causing increased concern and tension around the world.  

Now a mysterious time traveler comes and takes two young individuals, who must both overcome their cynicisms so that they all can work together to unravel the cause behind the evanescence phenomenon in present day.  The stories on this site are the stories of a broken world trying to find a sense of hope in something they cannot control.  The stories are stories of the people related to our protagonists.  The people are not perfect.  They are flawed.  But their stories matter.  This site will tell them.

The Theme of Thieves Stories