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The Theme of Thieves Issue #4 Kickstarter has just launched!

The Theme of Thieves is a sci-fi mystery series that takes it's characters on a time traveling journey and uses social commentary to reflect on how actions in the past reflect the present. 


  • What if you lived in a world where you were having dinner with your family and while you all were eating one of this disappeared?

  • What if you were laying in bed with your spouse and they just disappeared?

  • How does this "event" affect politics, religion, societal norms, etc?

  • And you may be thinking of Thanos with the blip in the Avengers movies or The HBO show The Leftovers but what if this was a societal way of life that has been happening since the 1800's?

  • Why is this all happening?  And who will make it stop??

Introducing The Theme of Thieves issue #4!  The Theme of Thieves is an ongoing mystery comic book series about 2 teens coming-of-age, Rebecca Rhodes and Jason Gable, whose daily lives are interrupted when the mysterious Man In The Red Suit take them time traveling to different periods in history to try to solve the mystery of why people are disappearing in present day.  Think LOST meets Quantum Leap meets The Wire!  The book is written by comic book and children's book writer D.P. Brown (TTOT #1, Sammy & Sissy Protecting People) and issues 1 & 2 are drawn by acclaimed artist Dan Ekis(Kid MillionaireOdyssey, Inc, Soul Of The World) and issue #3 artwork and coloring by MarvelComics artist Ruben Gonzalez(Ant-Man: Season One, Scarlet Spider, Infinity: Heist).  Suggested for Mature Readers.

  • How is this comic inspired by THE WIRE?  My favorite TV show of all time!  My comic has a lot of social commentary inspired by real life historical events.  I use the sci-fi, time travel angle to have my characters react to out of the ordinary events that affect religion, politics, family, society, etc.  So just like The Wire used Baltimore to comment of the state of America my comic uses time travel to do the same!

  • How is this comic inspired by LOST?  Again character development! I was always delighted how after each episode you would know the names of all the characters. There was always something distinctive that made every character stand out.  I am trying to pattern my comic in the same manner and add that mysterious Lost element that leaves the reader asking questions in anticipation for answers that will be later revealed!

  • How is this comic inspired by Quantum Leap?  I love time travel!  I loved the way Sam Beckett traveled into different bodies of individuals in time to do his best to get their lives back on track and they even use some episodes to comment on social events of the time period they traveled in!  While my teen characters don't jump into bodies(or do they?), they are learning about life as they come of age while on the adventure of a lifetime!


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