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Great day slangin comics at the Greater Pittsburgh Festival of Books!

Well I was in the city of Pittsburgh today slangin my TTOT comic and what I thought was going to be an ok turnout to the festival turned out to be a really good day! I met some really great people and shared a table with the crew from Comicsburgh.

I was very much surprised to see my workshop crew in the building hustling their own stuff right next to me which made the day even better! These guys are so awesome and it was great to see them after so long. I haven seen them in person since the pandemic started a couple years ago! It was good to see people getting back to being comfortable with being out and you even still had some that had the added security with the masks to try to protect themselves. It just goes to show how much people want to get out and are feeling really good at this point about getting on with their lives and hopefully getting away from the worldly political distractions and daily social media cat fighting that goes on needlessly.

I want thank everyone who bought The Theme of Thieves today and when you read it make sure you leave me some feedback below or join our facebook group! I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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