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The Story of DP Brown

D. P. Brown, AKA, Dawg Pound Brown, is writer and creator of the graphic novel series “The Theme Of Thieves.”   The logline of the series: When a time traveller uses his mysterious powers to yank two teens through time, they must overcome their cynicism while coming of age so that they can work together to unravel the cause behind disappearing people in present day as world tensions escalate.  Think Lost meets The Wire meets Quantum Leap.  The series aims to tackle sci-fi with a variety of different takes on subjects in politics, race relations, conspiracies and the youth experience in an unforgiving world.


D. P. Brown, born and raised in Cleveland, OH, is a die hard, long suffering Cleveland Browns fan.  He has worked with Nerdcyclopedia with Scott Hitchens in writing articles, developing podcasts and youtube videos.  He now co-hosts a pop culture show on the Nerdcyclopedia channel on YouTube.”  The first two books of the series is set to be drawn by Dan Ekis of Odyssey, Inc fame with the third being drawn by Marvel Comics artist Ruben Gonzalez(Infinity Heist).  D.P. Brown has been a life long connoisseur of pop and geek culture and is heavily influenced by works from Alan Moore, Damon Lindelof and Frank Miller.  With this graphic novel he hopes to further educate those on the different perspectives of peoples lives while also educating readers on historical events in a fun and innovative type way.


This blog site aims to tell expanded stories about tertiary characters in the world of The Theme Of Thieves.  You will see stories that directly tie into the main series narrative but more than that you will see stories that happen all around this world that talks about a variety of different subjects in a world where people routinely disappear.  This phenomenon has affected politics, race, gender, finance, religion and various other aspects of society to the point where the more frequent it happens the more society tensions escalated.  While the main characters Epicurion, Rebecca and Jason adventure about through time this site will build the small stories.  Hope you enjoy!

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