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DAY #30 One more day until my Kickstarter campaign ends and I'm exhausted. And hungry!

Well I just have a few hours left until the end of my campaign that ends Friday evening! I have a round table discussion with Chamorro Cinema at 7:30 pm EST and then my campaigns ends 9pm EST probably while I'm on air with them. I plan to do one last LIVE on Facebook, Youtube and IG around 5pm to try to goose any last minute stragglers. I learned a lot during this campaign that I'll go over in a retrospective post once this ends tomorrow. I'm happy I am about to reach my stretch goal and I'm just really glad I have completed another successful campaign! I did go a a massive rant about the Cleveland Browns over on my Instagram page. Check it out if you want a good laugh.

Also I want to let yall know as of this morning I'm at 234 pounds! That means I've lost 12 pounds in 30 days and I'm feeling good! I'm going to try to do my best to continue but after tomorrow I'm gonna celebrate by having a cheeseburger(I deserve it!) and then get back to eating light. I'll probably eat a little more carbs but I've found I can do without a lot of sugar. So if I don't eat that after dinner and before I go to bed I should lose even more pounds. We'll see!

Thanks for reading my blog! I tried to write everyday but it got to appoint where the mood got to me and I felt a few nights during this campaign that I didn't have a lot to say so I hope those of yall that have stuck with my didn't mind. If you haven't supported yet here is one last chance to support The Theme of Thieves by clicking on the pic below to pledge!



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