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Day #26 How do you run a Kickstarter comic campaign WHILE dieting in the LAST week?

Well, it’s 5 days left in my campaign! It's been a couple days since my last post and while I had every intention of posting all 31 days during the campaign the last couple nights I’ve been totally exhausted! Too exhausted to write at night. Last night I was on a podcast with Spine Ticks on their hilarious YouTube channel and it was batshit krayze! I had a lot of fun and was up until 3:30am and got caught up in the time change too. It was a good time though and I got a chance to rep my book. It was a very active audience so I was hoping some of the stuff I was pitching would resonate and I think I was a tad over zealous and a little nervous being on the show but I should have kept it simple and stuck with my usual simplistic pitch instead of overly explaining TTOT. I didn’t end up moving the needle on any pledges from it but it boosted my social media presence so at least that’s something. Sometimes you are not always gonna get the sales, sometimes you just are there to build your brand and make sure people know who you are. People knowing the black guy with the cowboy hat that likes comics from Cleveland is a definite impression. I definitely represented! Anyway check out the show below and let me know what y’all think! I’m still losing weight too so I’ll post an update on that tomorrow night so stay tuned and of course support and pledge!

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