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DAY #16 How do you maintain a blog while running a Kickstarter comic campaign AND diet?

Well I am now at that halfway point! Just a couple weeks left in my Kickstarter and today I am proud to say that I had pledges come in today to put me at 90% TO GOAL! Makes me feel good that people are responding but I'm greedy and I want more! I still want to do a couple contests before I end the campaign so I just have to figure out what they are going to be and the most practical way to run them. There's still time on the clock to maximize!

I tell you what though, doing a blog everyday takes some bonafide discipline! Shout out to Marta on the Move for inspiring me to do this. You can follow her here. I see her letting go of alcohol and sugar over a period of time and she was blogging about it everyday so I said to myself why not try it and do it with my Kickstarter! It's not easy though! Not only do I have to think of things I want to talk about each night I actually have to stay up a little late to write it even when I don't feel like it! Believe me I did think about skipping out on days but I told myself in the beginning that I would commit to doing it the whole 31 days and I am to make it happen. Not only is this therapeutic for me I sincerely hope that this helps any other creator out there that wants to run a Kickstarter, they can look through my blog and see my thoughts and feelings on what it went through to run an entire 30 day campaign. While dieting at that!

Speaking of which my diet today consisted of oatmeal this morning, an orange for lunch and for dinner left over chicken wings, Tilapia and green beans. I had work and my son's basketball practice tonight so this evening has been pretty much the only time I got to fiddle around with my Kickstarter. I think I've settle on a different image to display on my Kickstarter than the one I had in the beginning. Like I said yesterday redoing my byline and inputting irony into it led me to change the image to more reflect the overall tone of the book. It's not just action and adventure, its deep politics, religion and culture in the world that I'm building and the effects of how vanishing without a trace informs people daily lives. What I'm hoping is that this attracts a lot more of the mature readers that I want digging into this and dissecting the world. I don't know if this will work but you can't be afraid to experiment when you're not getting the results you want. Like I said before I know I'll reach my financial goal, I just want more backers than the last!

Thank you again for reading my blog and if you want to support click on the pic below to make a pledge to get this second issue made!



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