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DAY #15 How does trying different avenues with your Kickstarter comic affect you campaign AND diet?

Tonight I decided to change some things with my Kickstarter. While I appreciate the slow trickle of pledges that happen during the day I sort of feel I should be getting more of a response for this project than I am getting. So I've decided I'm going to experiment a little bit to try to appeal to more of the readers I want to get eyes on this and see if these changes appeal to them. I always said from the beginning that my goal of this campaign is to get more backers than the last. I changed my byline on the Kickstarter to more reflect the premise of the world I'm storytelling about. Nothing has changed about the fact that it's still about 3 people that will eventually travel throughout history but I want to emphasize, at least on Kickstarter, more of selling the world building thats going on in this world I created about people who vanish without a trace and the world they leave behind. We'll see how this goes.

Today I got back from my weekend adventure with my daughter in Cleveland. Back to work I went and my diet consisted of for breakfast a Granny Smith apple and some fish and a salad for lunch then for dinner chicken wings on the grill and vegetables. A good balanced diet for the day! And of course I got on the treadmill for almost an hour to drive down down those bad calories I took in over the weekend. I lost 8 pounds so far and let yall know next Tuesday where I fall at again.

If you've been following my blog thank you for reading! You can support by going to check out my Kickstarter for The Theme of Thieves by clicking on the pic below to make a pledge! I appreciate ya!



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