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A Time traveling Mystery series

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Standard Edition

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Variant Cover Edition

The Story

I love how he displays what people think in their mind and not out loud without the use of words from panel to panel. - Andrew Love

TMitch of the Carbonite Bounty BS Star Wars podcast says, "D.P. goes for a slam dunk! The art is amazing and the characters are all very unique!"

A mysterious time traveler comes and takes two young teens, who must both overcome their cynicisms as they come of age so that they all can work together to unravel the cause behind the evanescence phenomenon in present day. 


  • Features 36 fully illustrated pages 

  • Artwork by Dan Ekis (Odessey Inc.

  • Colors by Alex Zief (Monster Matador)

  • Standard Cover by Dan Ekis & Steve Dasgupta

  • Variant cover by Phil Cho



  • For any lover of time travel mysteries

  • For any fan of the supernatural

  • For any fan of politics in a sci-fi world


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