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Thoughts as I start the month preparing for my new Kickstarter launch...

So just a few thoughts as we start this here BHM...

I was taking a nap today(I'm so thankful for the time I do get the chance to do that nowadays) on my day off as I'm continuing to prepare for my Kickstarter launch in a couple weeks. I've decided that I'm going to do a daily blog of my experience from the start until the finish and if the habit forms continue to do so even after the Kickstarter ends. I have no idea how this Kickstarter will do to be honest. The first one did really well and I expect this next one to do even better but you never know. To prepare for these things are very time consuming and stressful and you have to make sure all your T's and I's are dotted right before and during the launch. I'm fortunate to have had at least 2 Kickstarters before this one with Sammy & Sissy and the first issue of TTOT. Even though those were successful doesn't mean this one wont be a disaster. Of course you can't go into that mode of thinking. The ride for TTOT was bumpy but it came out better than I expected in the end and I was very proud of it.

This is my first blog for this so I'm not gonna talk about much now. Tonight I'm doing a coaching call with Tyler James' Comixlaunch Pro group that advises and teaches methods on maintaining a good Kickstarter and I'll check in a feedback group that I am part of that gives me critique and feedback on my stories ideas and scripts before I commit them to print. There will be more posts here so stay tuned!

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