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Day #8 How coming running a Kickstarter your comic gives you so many highs and lows WHILE dieting?

Good day today! The dead zone broke today with a few pledges coming in during the day! Appreciate yalls support! I especially want to thank my man Andrew Luv who has been such a dedicated supporter of my stuff with his constant encouragement and enthusiasm for The Theme of Thieves. This guy comes with the energy and its fans like him that make doing this such a pleasure. Thanks, Andrew!

I was able to schedule several interviews today with one happening tomorrow on the Big Herm Collectibles channel with Big Herm and Phable here. I should be able to nail down times and dates on my blog tomorrow so I'm very excited about that! I did a live stream on FB and IG at the same time today so that felt good. I use to be very uncomfortable in front of cameras talking about stuff I didn’t care about. Talking about my stuff finally after all these years feels very therapeutic.

The highs and the lows. Oh boy the Kickstarter is such a ride. You’re feeling great for a couple days then go through a period of bewilderment the next couple and then you’re back on a good level the next few. It can be an emotional rollercoaster if you let it. I feel great though about The Theme of Thieves. My goal is to get the most people to see it without going broke doing it. It takes time to build a business and I’ve only been at this for a little more than a year. I love the fact that I‘m getting the chance to make my dream come true. And it wasn’t handed to me. I’m making this happen through a lot of trials and tribulation. AND dieting at that!

Speaking of which I had at good day today with my consumption. I had scrambled eggs and a turkey sausage for breakfast. For lunch I had a ceasar salad and then dinner I made some excellent haddock fish and a salad. As I’m writing this it’s 10:40pm and I’m not jonesing for crackers and cookies! So far mission accomplished!

Let’s keep it movin! On to tomorrow!

If you’re liking what you’re reading and want to support the Kickstarter CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW to make a pledge! Leave your boy a comment while at it. Appreciate ya!



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