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Day #7 How do you deal with another day in a dead zone on your Kickstarter comic campaign AND diet?

Day 2 in the dead zone. Again no sales.

During the day I work a full time job from home with some small breaks in between and I try to take advantage and work on my Kickstarter campaign when I have time. Sometimes I wish I could just take off to work on it. Hell that would be a dream to do this for a living. Too bad it doesn't pay me enough money to earn a living or else I would quit my day job tomorrow. We can dream I guess!

Anyway after I got off work I did an IG live for my Kickstarter and went through describing my different pledge tiers. I got a few viewers and I'm hoping it translates into something during the evening and through the night as far as pledges so we'll see about that. I posted some more on my social media channels and did a little admin work. I then helped my kid study for a math test that he has tomorrow so no rest for the weary!

As for my diet I ate some oatmeal for lunch and had a leftover hot dog as a mid afternoon snack. Around 5:30pm I got on the treadmill for about there minutes and felt good afterwards so I feel I'm doing alright. Best of all I can say as of this morning I'M DOWN 5 POUNDS! At least something is going the way I intended!

Anyway I don't have too much more today but tomorrow on my day off I plan to do a couple IG lives and FB lives to see what happens. Like I said before half the battle is just reminding people you are still out there. I'm a week into this campaign at 66% to goal with 3 weeks left. I'm not worried so much worried about IF I'm going to reach my financial goal I just want more people to pledge so I can get as many eyeballs on my stuff so I'm on the hunt again for my people!

If you made it to this far in my blog thank you for reading and leave a comment if you got any feedback for me! If you want to support my Kickstarter for The Theme of Thieves CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW to pledge for issues 1 & 2. You wont regret it!



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