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Day #6 How do you promote a Kickstarter comic on the first day of the dead zone AND diet?

So it was bound to come. That dreaded first day of the dead zone WITH NO SALES. Ugh. The one good thing coming from writing this blog so far is that I get to document my daily experience through it. My ups and downs. Trials and tribulations. All for you to see ugly warts and all! I can't remember how the first Kickstarter went but I don't remember the dead zone coming this early. So as I said yesterday I have some work to do. Fortunately I'm a member of the Comixlaunch Pro Group where they give you step by step guides on how to run your Kickstarter effectively and just before I started my Kickstarter I listened to Tyler James Comixlaunch podcast addressing this very subject. He gives some great pointers on ways you can at the very least get your karma up through the dead zone so maybe some of that good will and energy you put out there will come back to you tenfold.

Today I pretty much spent the day doing admin work for the campaign such as scheduling interviews, analyzing data and trying to figure out these damn facebook ads. So I was fortunately able to figure out the process in adding my email list to create an audience. I had to first create an ad account in the business settings then go to the create ad section to create an audience. This allows you to import contacts from Mailchimp, if you have an account with them, or just copy and past into a template. Fortunately I had a lot of the business stuff in facebook already set up so if you go into this not having your business stuff straight you have a bit of a longer road to set up. I created the ad set so I'm gonna experiment with this for about a week to see what comes then maybe try something different the next week.

As far as my diet today I got back to eating! After fasting all day yesterday it felt good to put well needed nourishment into my body. Since it was my day off I got to sleep in til 9:30 which felt good. I got up and my wife cooked me a SUPER NICE omelet. What a way to start the mourning! I then did about 40 minutes on the treadmill then got on with my day. I didn't eat much of a lunch just an orange but later for dinner my wife made a NICE Chilean Sea Bass and some greens with some hot dogs for the kids in which I did have a couple(of course with no bun. No evening snacks which I'm REALLY JONESING FOR because of the non-sales day but I gotta keep discipline. It's funny because I was looking in the pantry to see if there was any snacks I could eat that had low to no carbs and of course there were none. I ordered some keto chips though from Amazon to arrive by tomorrow that should quench that taste. Hey, it's somethin.

If you are reading this far and been with me these last few days I appreciate ya! Leave me a comment below and then go check out my Kickstarter campaign by CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW!



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