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Day #5 How do you feel confident talking about your Kickstarter comic campaign while FASTING?

What a day. Got up and ate nothing. After eating that brownie and some ice cream for my birthday yesterday and told myself today I had to make up for it by fasting today so thats exactly what I did. I only had water so if you want to be technical its not TOTALLY fasting but if you're not eating then it's fasting to me! I ended up having a couple more backers trickle in today but none overnight like I was getting the past couple days. Tomorrow is my day off so I plan on doing a lot of admin work for the campaign to try to juice it. I have to figure out Facebook Ads and how to use my email list to target better. I'm excited that I can get some good results out of those if I do it right so we'll see.

After work I had an interview with Brandon from ComixKings and Stef aka Missing Lynk and IT WAS A BLAST! Check out the interview here. These guys made me super comfortable during the discussion and they were really down to earth with their questions and I was happy they were able to understand the concepts I was trying to conveyed in the format I presented the comic in. Brandon noticed that the comic is formatted in the old school 9 panel format and observed that it made it more welcoming to newcomers to comics and even readers who just like settling in to a story while partaking in the simple visuals my artist Dan Ekis brings. As I'm going through the interview I was very struck by how comfortable I was. The more I talk and promote my work the easier and more confident I can feel talking about it with others. I really started to perfect this when I did Steel City Con in October when my book officially started being sold. I was able to strip down my pitch to people to just one sentence and it was very effective:

2 teens and a Man in a Red suit travel through time to try to solve the mystery of why people are disappearing in the present.

Simple, plain and succinct. Once I was able to hook them in with that, if they liked what they heard, it was easier to start to have a conversation with them and gain their trust that I was going to sell them something solid. Half the battle again is getting people's attention. If your comic is solid then all you need to worry about is KEEPING people's attention. Being confident is such a big key to this overall thing and it doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm going to be as creatively effective once I get back to writing to prepare more scripts for future issues. You literally have to turn one half of yourself off to the business to get creative then do the opposite to make sure the business portion is effectively done. At least in these beginning stages. As this business builds I hope to be able to hire more people to handle the smaller details so I can concentrate on the creative side. I love what I'm coming up with but it's not worth a lot if the world isn't seeing it. I mean I'm not spending my own money and running these Kickstarter's for my health! Time will tell!

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