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Day #4 How do you do a Kickstarter, spend time with your family on your Bday AND diet all at once?

The answer is YOU DON'T! Everyone who is serious about their Kickstarter as creators has the best intentions of dedicating every day to your campaign to make it run smoothly. But at the same time if you have a family some time has to be spent with them too, especially if you have kids!

Today I speak first about my diet in which I broke my own promise to not eat any sweets or sugar and I ended up eating a brownie because my sweet wife wanted to make me feel good on my birthday. The brownie was the shit! We went out to a nice dinner where I had Chilean Sea Bass and a side salad and broccoli and with the best intentions I was done eating for the night until we went afterward to Top Golf and I had the brownie. Tasted so good but now I'm gonna have to fast tomorrow to try to somewhat make up for eating that. Anyway I had a great time with the family and I didn't spend time looking at my Kickstarter every 15 minutes.

As for my Kickstarter today I had a very good first half of the day and now I'm at 66% to goal. It seems as though people are pledging to my campaign overnight and to my pleasure I wake up in the morning with new backers so at least I'm starting off the day good. I did an IG Live around 5:30 just before I left to go to dinner and some people got on to check me out and did my self promotion there. I shouted out all my backer that contributed the last couple days such as:

  • Scott Behren

  • Daniel Perme

  • Joel

  • Tay Cooper

  • Jennifer Egri

  • Will Lorenzo

  • Mythical Legends Publishing

I appreciate all of you who are supporting and as I wrap up the day doing this blog I have to continue to remind myself what a pleasure it is to have people who spend their hard earned money on something I created out of my own head. They could have surely spent it somewhere else but they chose me to give their money to in support. Not out of charity but for something they generally want to see succeed! I'll be thanking everyone every day of this campaign because it's certainly not promised to me.

If you're reading this and want to support the Kickstarter for my comic The Theme Of Thieves click on the pic below to pledge to my current campaign for issues 1 & 2. I would appreciate it.



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