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Day #24 How do you run a Kickstarter heading into the home stretch of the campaign WHILE dieting?

So It's the final stretch of my Kickstarter and I have one week left! I have 3 interviews scheduled for the week and hopefully a contest giveaway I can still do before the campaign ends so it's gonna be a busy 7 days! I tell you one thing, if you are a creator running a Kickstarter by yourself it is EXHAUSTING! A lot of detail to attend to and making sure you are maximizing all your resources is a must, even when you are dog tired! Some days you just don't feel like doing anything but you have to find that mental strength to do at least one thing to make the day worth it! The biggest task with Kickstarter is reminding people that you have something out there. You may believe in the product you have but if people aren't constantly reminded you're out there they wont make a move towards your stuff. Think about it. There is so much content and ads competing for their attention, for them to even take the time to focus on your stuff much less make the decision to go ahead and pledge takes a lot. You gotta be thankful when they do and THANK THEM when they do it!

I just got done tonight with another interview with Jon Engel from New Dimension Comics in Pittsburgh and it went awesome! We talked about my Theme of Thieves Kickstarter and The Batman movie! Great conversation! Hopefully it translates to more backers so we'll see but always down to talk about good comic content! Check out the interview below:

I had a fair diet today. I haven't had any sweets in 24 days and haven't had the urge for sugar just salted stuff for whatever reason. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit so it looks like it's coming into fruition. Bottomline is I am losing weight and I hope this continues until I get to my proper BMI for my height which is 218 since I'm 6'1. Keep wishing me luck!

Thanks again for reading my blog! It's been a blessing to write this daily(almost at least lol) and very cathartic going through my process and documenting how it is throughout the campaign. If you want to continue to support make sure you click on the pic below to pledge to my Kickstarter! 7 DAYS LEFT!



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