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Day #2 How do you feel after a fast start to your Kickstarter and then it drops off? And diet?

I'm not going to keep you tonight because I'm tired. After a great start yesterday and an apparent good night(while i was sleeping) I'm now 44% to goal! Great right? Well after 9 o'clock this morning I held steady at 15 backers and it's now 11:30pm, as I'm writing this, and I'm still at the same backer count. Ugh. I'm I worried yet? No. I have 29 days to go and all this tells me is I need to put a little more into my hustling to make sure more people notice. I do have some interviews lined up on IG and YouTube to help promote but since those haven't happen yet the numbers up to this point did make me raise my eyebrow. I have to remember that with the last two campaigns I did that the biggest part of this game is to get people to pay attention to you and most of all get people to remember you. That's part of the reason why I wear this hat. While people see black guys on the street all the time, seeing a black guy WITH A COWBOY HAT AND LOCS is someone they can remember. Hopefully it's working. I admit it though I haven't had a chance to go live myself on FB and IG simply because of work and my son's 2 basketball practices he had today so I'm tired. Nevertheless I'm not gonna make any excuses because there is always an opportunity to find the time.

You're right. I have to do better. At least I got to this blog post like I promised myself!

As far as my diet I felt pretty good today. Had a minor hunger headache this morning and ate light all day with low carbs and low sugar. I exercised for 30 minutes after work and headed off to his practices afterwards. They were so long. lol.

Anyway, if your reading this, thank you for your support as I have to keep reminding myself that Kickstarter is not a sprint, it's a marathon that you have to keep paying attention to in order for it to grow. Nevertheless go and support your boy by CLICKING ON THE PIC BELOW and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


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