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Day #18 How do you take a break from your Kickstarter comic campaign to keep your sanity AND diet?

The answer is you don't! Now you do find yourself not doing as much from one day to the next sometimes but mentally you really don't ever take a break from this. Kickstarter not only is a creation format but it essentially is a self publishing platform as well. As a creator we have to put on our business hats and make sure the money is coming in consistently so we can reach our goals by promoting, selling, promoting and then selling again. It's not the most fun but as I was saying tonight while being interviewed by Noggin Comics finding your people and interacting with them can't be compared. It's such a great experience and it ends up being all worth it at the end and your sanity remains intact! I don't have much else. I Had an easy diet today with an apple for breakfast, nothing really for lunch and left over sensational chili for dinner. Good stuff! Tomorrow I go to work then I go see The Batman with the wife for date night so don't expect much tomorrow when I post!

Check out my interview with Noggin Comics and go check out Dennis Vogen's Fire & Ice Kickstarter! We did an interview together!

Thank you for continuing to read my blog and if you want to support my Kickstarter on issues 1 & 2 of The Theme of Thieves CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW TO PLEDGE!



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