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Day #17 How to you run a Kickstarter, get metal covers made, diet WHILE eating some bomb chili??

Let me first send a shout out to my wife, my number one fan, the one who believes in me, inspires me, takes care of me when I'm down and just straight up loves me like no other! Today this woman put her FOOT in the chili! I mean every time she makes this stuff it's bomb as hell but when you're on a diet and jonesing for more than just the dietary weight loss stuff she come through with the healthy chili like a CHAMPION! Little carbs, no sugar just straight up turkey and vegetables with her special chili sauce to hit it out of the park! Boy I tell ya!

Today I got the metal comics I ordered from Faerie Metal Photography and boy did they do a fantastic job! I never even bought a metal cover personally before but I thought this would be a good bonus collectors item for those who like this extra feature for the first issue and I tell you what, they delivered with flying colors! They are made very sturdy and the weight alone makes you feel like they are worth the price! I found out about them through my creators group that I'm in and I decided to try them out with a few books I still had in inventory and mailed those out to them sight unseen just based on the recommendations from the group. I made an unboxing video below so that you can see for yourself my enthusiasm! Excellent work! Check it out!

So other than that excitement of the day I did have some more backers trickle in and I am now to 90% to goal! BOOYAH! I have an interview tomorrow night with Noggin Comics promoting and talking about Batman so make sure y'all check that out as well!

Thank you again for all your support and if you want to pledge to my Kickstarter for The Theme of Thieves make sure you click on the link below! I appreciate ya!



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