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Day #13 How do you run a Kickstarter comic, take your child to see Jojo Siwa AND diet?

This is going to be short today because I'm tired. I sent out some emails reminding people about my Kickstarter, seen some backers trickle in, scheduled some social media posts and then proceeded to prepare to take my 6 year old daughter to her first concert! She is a big Jojo Siwa fan and I bought her tickets for her birthday TWO YEARS AGO that we were supposed to go to but the pandemic came and knocked everything off track. Two years later the concert finally happened in Clelevand and she had a ball. I'm kinda of disappointed that it was kind of short but those little kids that were there had school tomorrow and it didn't need to last until 11 anyway. It started at 7pm right when we got there and we ended up seeing some friends from Pittsburgh that we knew. After the opening act, which we didn't watch at all because we were waiting in a long ass line for t-shirts and a glow stick, Jojo came on around 7:45 and the show lasted til 9:15. She put on a good show by kid standards though this girl is 18 and now an adult playing to 5 to 9 year olds. The makeup on her and outfits look at bit ridiculous on her and I bet she's ready to move on from this phase of her life to do other things. She was supposed to do this tour 2 years ago when she was just 16 and credit to her that she kept her obligations and didn't disappoint her fans. It was a good time for my daughter and I got some great pics and video that'll be a treasure to remember showing how much fun she had. I didn't have time to doo a lot for my Kickstarter today but I got to spend time with my daughter which I'll take that time with her ANY DAY!

Today my diet consisted of an orange in the morning, I barely had any lunch and then for dinner I got a southwest chicken salad with added corn beef(Shut up!) from Slyman's. It was good but most of all I lost another 2 pounds! I'm now down 8 pounds from 246 down to 238 and counting! Let's keep it moving!

Thank you if you are following my blog posts and taking interest in my daily activities. It may not be the most exciting things to read but if you are a Kickstarter creator and you want to maintain your sanity while doing this know that life still happens around your Kickstarter and it's ok to still live your life while running your campaign.

Click on the pic below to make a pledge to issues 1 & 2 of The Theme Of Thieves. You want be disappointed!



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