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Day #12 How does your running your Kickstarter comic affect your creativity WHILE dieting?

Does creativity and business feel like oil and water? Creativity is the water that provides the life for your business and oil is what fuels your creativity. You would think one helps the other but in many aspects it doesn't especially if you're doing it all yourself. I believe I said it on a previously post that if you're doing this all by yourself you literally have to become Two Face and split yourself into two sides. Right now as I'm doing this Kickstarter my creative brain is shut down. All I can really concentrate on is this business of making this Kickstarter run smooth. Now that doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about ideas for future stories its just that a lot of my ideas are more focused on promoting this Kickstarter for The Theme of Thieves. Believe it or not there is creativity in trying to promote. There's a finesse, a charm, timing, and copy that goes into making sure what you're promoting is effective enough to gain someone's attention. I just did a recording with the Bearded Comic Bro and will be premiering on Monday so I'll post the link on that interview once he posts it. But you have to make sure when you're on camera that you present yourself in a creative way so that they remember you. My brand is the cowboy hat, Locs and either a comic book related t-shirt or Browns jersey. Little things like that if you're doing your lives on Instagram or FB and interviews it puts something creatively distinct in their minds so when people see you they can always associate you with your project. Something I learned in marketing and branding that I hope pays off in the long run.

So while doing this does affect my overall writing creativity while running the business side I can at least use my creativity brain to do some different things with the business. And sometimes it gets to be fun! I love the interaction with the comic book community and I hope to continue that even after the Kickstarter is long over. Good stuff! I did have more pledges trickle in but I do expect to have more come as I have more interviews schedule in the next couple weeks.

My diet today consisted of an apple this morning, for lunch I had a Chik Fila chicken salad and that was pretty much it for the day. I didn't get a chance to get on the treadmill but I'm off tomorrow so I'll get to it the morning before I take my daughter to Cleveland to see Jojo Siwa! I know, I know. So excited. Lol

My daughter will be happy though and thats all that counts!

Thanks for reading my blog and if you want to help support my Theme of Thieves comic click on pic below and pledge!



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