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DAY #11 How does running a Kickstarter affect you financially and how does it relate to you dieting?

So if you are new to Kickstarter you may ask how does running a Kickstarter affect you financially? The first thing I can say is that I am NOT a Kickstarter expert. This is my 3rd Kickstarter and each time I run one I'm finding it's a different experience and they go at a different pace. The first one I did was a children's book that I wrote and my mom did the artwork before she passed. I raised a little over $4300 and I pretty much started from scratch putting that together. Besides paying the colorist to finish the work my mom didn't I ended up raising that total amount to pay for production and distribution into outlets such as Amazon, Target, Barnes and Nobles and many online stores. It was a very successful campaign but it was my first and after everything was spent and distributed to all my backers and there wasn't a lot of physical inventory left to do anything else with it. I used Book Baby's printing-on-demand service and the price per book ended up being very expensive when trying to sell the books at a reasonable rate. I may use them again at some point again in the future but not anytime soon. Had I done a little more research I woulda found a cheaper way of producing the books but at the time I was so excited about getting it done and out I just went with what was in front of me. You live and you learn.

My 2nd Kickstarter was the first issue of The Theme of Thieves. I raised a little over $2600 with that one. To get the comic made between my artist, colorist and letterer I spent a little over $6800. Now you might say how does it even make sense that you spent that much and didn't even get your money back? Well good thing I also have a full time job and was able to save some money and sell some company stock to make my dream come true. Financially it didn't make sense because I ended up being in the hole. I sold copies on my website and at conventions but not enough to make up for the cost. To me this was a gift to myself that I had to try out and see if I could do it. I knew I wasn't going to make any money from it in the beginning but if I invested I would eventually start making some if I built my audience. For that to even happen though I needed a product to present and this was it. Like buying a car I guess in the gift aspect. If it doesn't work then at least I can say I did it. I made a comic.

So now I'm on my 3rd Kickstarter for The Theme of Thieves Issue #2 and its going good so far. As I said about a few days ago I'm not so much worried about reaching the goal I just want to surpass my backer count from before. I think with this campaign I'm settling into my audience somewhat instead of having backers just to support. Granted support is always good and anything that helps get the book made is welcome. Getting those folks to actually read and react though is the most important thing because it creates a dedicated following. I seen it work with other Kickstarter and I'm confident mine will hit just as big if I keep at it. It'll be one year in May since I did my first Kickstarter. They say you lose money in the first year in build a business. Your 2nd and 3rd year is when you should start breaking even and the 4th and 5th year is when you should start making money. So I think I'm on pace but it definitely is a financial effect if you let it be. Sacrifices I've made have been not going a lot of places and not spending money frivolously. The fortunate thing about the pandemic is that it has created a situation because of lockdowns and restrictions that the opportunity to spend isn't as plentiful as before the pandemic. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

My diet today was fair. I just ate an apple for breakfast this morning, had the rest of the Ceasar salad I made for dinner yesterday then for dinner today I had a burger with no bun and mushrooms that was wonderful. It was beef so it was a little fattening but I think with my overall discipline with my diet it's ok. I had broccoli with it too. I didn't drink as much water as I should have but I'll keep at that because water is very important.

Thanks for reading my blog if you are keeping up with me. If you want to support my Kickstarter click on the pick below and pledge. I'd appreciate it.



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