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Day #10 How do you remind yourself that your Kickstarter comic is AWESOME and maintain your diet?

Sometimes you have to remind yourself why you do this. As I was on my desktop this evening touching up some promo for my Kickstarter I ran across some reviews of my work. One of them that I read was very thorough in their critique and it touched on some things that I was hoping some would catch. When I read the review it reminded me of why I'm doing this comic at all! While my comic is an action adventure(or soon will be at least!) I am taking my time to establish my characters and set them up to a point where when things start to happening to them the reader should root for or against them depending on the perspective they see them in. Sure I deal with race, politics, conspiracy theories, religion but I try not to be heavy handed or preachy with it and I just want to convey something I feel the readers who will like my comic can relate to. I take an unnatural phenomenon in the world that I'm building and use that to make the characters react and deal with it and by doing so find out a lot about themselves in the process. I made the choice to make my characters go through a slow build so you can get to know them and then when the ball starts really rolling the reader(if I've done my job well) will be able to go on the ride with the same feelings that they do. When that resonated with the reader that gave me the critique and they give me the exact feedback I hoped for it makes me feel super good!

What is happening now is I'm finding my audience. It's not the quickest progression like some and I have made some mistakes along the way but I truly believe that if you cast a wide enough net you WILL CATCH SOME FISH. If the fish you catch is the ones you like to eat then you can go to that part of the net and concentrate and cultivate that part to grow other areas. It just takes time. What do they say? If you build it they will come!

I'm building right now. Very reassuring when you have those that follow you and recognize what you're trying to do and express gratitude.

My diet today consisted of a couple strips of turkey bacon in the morning, no lunch, a granny smith apple for a snack then for dinner I had shrimp and 3 crab cakes and a ceasar saland. Now the 3 crab cakes may have been indulging a little but I love crab cakes and I did get on the treadmill for 40 minutes afterwards. I think I have to step up my water intake so I'll try to drink more of that tomorrow. But I'm feeling good! I'll weigh myself again next Tuesday and hopefully lost a few more pounds!

Thanks again for reading my blog post if you made it this far. I did get a few more pledges in today. It's steady so I'm not complaining! If you want to support my comic The Theme of Thieves CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW to pledge on a tier! Appreciate ya!



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