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Day #1 How do you run a Kickstarter and diet at the same time? Well I guess we're about to see...

It's the end of day one of my The Theme of Thieves Issue #2 Kickstarter! I'm excited that it got off to a good start and of course I'm now tired and hungry because I'm also dieting. As I'm posting this I'm at 12 backers and $306 for the day which at this point is about 28% to goal so it's a good start! I was up late last night trying to fine tune my story page and rewards to make sure I was ready. I'm not gonna lie I tend to procrastinate. I got as much as I could get done and forced myself to go to sleep because I was just changing stupid stuff unnecessarily. I then tossed and turned wondering if there was anything I was forgetting and of course I was. So I then get up this morning with an intended launch time of 8am that got delayed because there was content I wanted to convey that I left off.

I didn't launch til 10:45am folks. SMH. Needless to say that the lessons learned from putting stuff off that I hope if you're reading this can take note that it doesn't pay to do because it only adds to your stress levels. Being the creator force, business man, salesman, advertiser and marketer of your own stuff can wear on you. At least I do have a great creative team with artist Dan Ekis, colorist Alex Zief and letterer Marco Delle Verde and editor Sam Rashada Jr. that help me turn out a great comic. But nevertheless it's still a lot and I understand why some creators forgo trying to put stuff out themselves and just try to go straight to editors to get their work seen. Since I don't like a ton of rejection and I'm a control freak I subscribe to the fact of proving your stuff works by selling it to fans who buy comics. To me in a nutshell all an editor wants to know is if your stuff has an audience that they can grow regardless of their direct opinions of it. They may think it's shit but if IDW sees your sales report saying that you sell 1000 books every few months thats something they can work with because they have the bigger engine to make it grow. I guess I'll get to that point one day but I know this process takes time the way I'm going so I'll have to be patient.

I also started a low-to-no carb diet and low-to-no sugar regime that I'm feeling as I'm writing this. My habit at night after I get the kids into bed and I have some quiet time all to myself is to eat some crackers and cookies and relax with the TV and binge a couple of shows before I go to bed. Crackers and cookies are my crack and I know it's contributed to my weight of 245lb and just going straight to bed after I eat that stuff. As of right now I'm feeling it because I haven't had and crackers or cookies ALL DAY. Groan. But at least I'm being productive and writing this blog in which at the very least puts me into a mode of focus that I hope will be habit by the the time these 31 days of Kickstarter ends. And at least I can see how much weight I can lose.

So we shall see. I think I'ma watch a half hour of Rogue One before I head to sleep as I have a podcast review of it tomorrow night on the Nerdcyclopedia YouTube channel.

In the meantime if you've gotten this far and want to support comic The Theme of Thieves click on the pic below to check out the Kickstarter and if you like what you see go ahead and make that pledge!

See you tomorrow!

Thanks to all my backers today:

Gunnar S

Manny Mendiola

Andrew Finch

Revan Kane

Chris Coffey

Robert Vaughn

Beth Culp

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