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The Theme Of Thieves - Episode 4

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Written by D.P. Brown

Artwork by Dan Ekis

Colors by Alex Zief

Letters by Marco Della Verde

Copyright 2021. Krayzehouse Development Media

IN OUR LAST EPISODE Threston after Odessa not returning to their quarters comes after Charles asking where his wife is. Charles states that he doesn't know and Threston in a fit of rage murders Charles with a hoe he found outside. By morning the town authorities come for Threston who is then hung for the murder of his slave master Charles McBride. What we have next is a transition to a dream sequence of Rebecca Giana Rhodes. It is a dream she's been consistently having about a man in a red suit...

A young female is taking a walk at night on the street...

Here we are introduced to young Rebecca Giana Rhodes. But why is she walking?

The night is quiet...

...until... explosion of a car happens behind her.

She runs towards the car to see if there was anyone inside that may need help.

And to her surprise...

She bumps into a figure of a man in a red suit. An alarm goes off in the distance

Who is he?


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