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The Theme Of Thieves - Episode 2

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Written by D.P. Brown

Artwork by Dan Ekis

Colors by Alex Zief

Letters by Marco Della Verde

Copyright 2021. Krayzehouse Development Media

IN OUR LAST EPISODE Charles McBride witnessed the disappearance of Odessa right in front of his eyes! Imagine the shock and the fright he must feel at this moment. Right at the moment of his attempted rape she just...


In shock Charles heads back to his house before his wife wakes up...

And Threston is not happy. After all the nightly horrors Odessa had to endure at McBride's hands he always brought her back to Threston. Tonight something is different and Threston aims to find out why...

Later in the night...

Charles McBride is fast asleep...

For the love of his life Threston crosses the line.

Tire of what?


#themeofthieves #independentcomics #mysterycomics

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