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My name is D.P. Brown and I am the writer and creator of The Theme Of Thieves!  I have been into comic books my entire life.  From the time my father bought me my first Amazing Spider-Man comic off the news stand when I was a boy all the way into my adulthood, comics has always been the gift that keeps on giving for me.  I love the colors.  I love the way a visual image jumps off the page.  I love the way a story can just transport you into a world where anything and everything can happen!  I've always wanted to make a comic. I use to draw comics with my best friend at the time, Dimitrius, in Cleveland during high school dreaming what it would be like in the comics industry! Unfortunately when I was growing up the popularity of the medium wasn't that great so trying to pursue a career in the field wasn't that worthwhile to me.  It led me to pursue other dreams to wax my creative spirit through music and such. While I had fun doing the rounds in that industry I still had the itch to get back into comics.  Years passed by while trying to think of a story to come up with to make my debut but when the opportunity came to create my own comic I finally hit on something that I thought I could bring to the public in a unique way that's different from your average superhero story.  And here we are today, full circle, with my first comic The Theme of Thieves.  This comic is near and dear to my heart and what I'm hoping is that the story resonates with people in a way that it inspires me to continue writing and producing more.  


For a limited time I am offering a free subscription for exclusive TTOT content that I can't wait to bring to you!  Take advantage of the offer while its there because it wont be for long!  It takes a village to make this thing work and I'm asking you to be a part of that village.  I have something special here.  I know it.  And I want you to be a part of it.  If you are enjoying what you're reading subscribe now to get more.  I appreciate you, thanks again for all your support and most of all be safe.


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