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Age - 16

Height - 5'8

Ethnicity - Bi-Racial

Rebecca's personality is a unique blend of intelligence, determination, and a touch of sarcasm. At first glance, her sharp intellect is evident, as she effortlessly navigates the intricate corridors of history with a passion that sets her apart. A history buff to the core, Rebecca's mind is a treasure trove of facts, dates, and anecdotes that she often weaves into engaging conversations.

Her strength of will is a defining feature, as Rebecca approaches challenges with an unwavering determination that borders on stubbornness. Whether she's delving into historical research or facing the trials of everyday life, she tackles them head-on, refusing to back down easily. This bull-headed nature, while occasionally causing friction with others, also underscores her resilience and tenacity.

Rebecca's sharp wit and smart aleck remarks add a layer of humor to her character. Quick with a clever quip or a sarcastic comment, she uses humor as a shield, deflecting situations that might otherwise be overwhelming. Her sharp tongue, however, doesn't detract from her genuine passion for history; instead, it's a tool she employs to navigate a world that often underestimates her abilities.

In essence, Rebecca Rhodes is a multifaceted individual—intelligent, strong-willed, occasionally bull-headed, and quick-witted. Her love for history, combined with her determined spirit and clever sense of humor, makes her a memorable and compelling character in any time period.


The Roots

The mysterious time traveler cuts an enigmatic figure, shrouded in the cloak of the unknown. Their presence is felt rather than heard, and their sparse words carry the weight of centuries. Tall and lean, they move with an otherworldly grace, as if they exist outside the bounds of time itself.

With piercing eyes that seem to hold the secrets of the universe, the time traveler's gaze speaks volumes where their words falter. There's an aura of ancient wisdom that surrounds them, hinting at journeys through the annals of history that none can fathom.

Despite their silence, there's an undeniable magnetism to the time traveler's presence. They exude an air of mystery and intrigue, drawing others into their orbit with an almost hypnotic allure. Some are drawn to them out of curiosity, while others sense a deeper connection—a shared understanding that transcends the barriers of time and space.

In the rare moments when the time traveler does speak, their words are measured and cryptic, carrying the weight of prophecy and foresight. Each utterance is laden with layers of meaning, leaving those who listen to ponder their significance long after the traveler has departed.

The time traveler's motives remain shrouded in mystery, their true purpose known only to themselves. They drift through the currents of time like a specter, leaving behind whispers of their presence and the lingering question of their ultimate destination.



Hear It From Me

Jason Gable, at 16, is undergoing a challenging coming-of-age journey, marked by adversity both within and outside the walls of his high school. His daily life is marred by relentless bullying, with tormentors who seem to take pleasure in making each school day a struggle for him. The weight of their cruelty adds an extra layer of difficulty to his teenage years.

At home, Jason faces a different but equally distressing battle. His father, plagued by racist beliefs, subjects him to constant beratement. The hurtful words and prejudiced attitudes not only deepen the scars left by the bullies but also create a hostile environment within his own home. Jason grapples with the emotional toll of living under the shadow of his father's intolerance.

The absence of his mother further complicates Jason's world. The reasons behind her departure remain a mystery, leaving him with a profound sense of loss and abandonment. This unanswered question adds a layer of complexity to his struggles, and the void left by her absence is a constant presence in his life.

Amidst the challenges, Jason finds solace in the world of video games. Immersing himself in virtual realms, he discovers a sanctuary where he can temporarily escape the harsh realities that surround him. Gaming becomes a coping mechanism, offering him a sense of control and empowerment that is often lacking in his daily life.

Despite the hardships, Jason is not entirely isolated. He has very few friends, but these relationships become crucial lifelines. These companions provide moments of camaraderie and understanding, forming a support system that helps him navigate the difficult terrain of adolescence.

As Jason faces the trials of being a teenager in a world colored by bullying, racism, and personal turmoil, he strives to find resilience and strength within himself, hoping to shape a better future despite the challenges he encounters.


Hear It From Me

For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and curious wonderings about our world. I founded Down this yellow brick road with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and I have been at it ever since.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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